Mouth Ulcers

They can be incredibly painful and can cause us to avoid our favorite foods, but what is an ulcer?

A mouth ulcer is a painful sore in the mouth on either the cheeks or gums. They usually appear red or yellow in colour. Mouth ulcers occur either singly or in clusters, causing a lot of discomfort or pain.

There are two common causes of mouth ulcers. Accidental damage is responsible for many - brushing your teeth too hard, minor burns from hot food and drinks, biting the inside of the mouth accidentally, a tooth that's become rough, or orthodontic braces or dentures that rub against the gums.

These last for a week or more unless the damage continues happening, in which case they will not disappear until the cause - for example, a rough tooth - is treated.

The other common type is an aphthous ulcer.

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