Oralmedic Clinical Studies

ORALMEDIC is currently involved in a clinical study to evaluate the safety, performance and effectiveness of HybenX™ in relief of pain and ulcer healing.  The title of the study is "A randomised clinical evaluation of HybenX™ & SaliCept™ Oral Patches for the treatment of recurrent aphthous stomatitis."

The study is being conducted at the Eastman Dental Institute & Hospital, London.

The study has the following design:

  • Prospective, randomised, controlled, single-centre study
  • Measurement Points: Immediately post-treatment, 20 minutes, and on days 1-8
  • Sample Size: n = 25 per study arms = 50 patients
  • Recruitment: at least 1 unkeratonised ulceration on oral mucosa <48 hours old

The results are due shortly and will be available following publication.

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