Oralmedic Consumer Reviews

Excellent product..
I am just contacting you to say that I received my sample the other day of the Oralmedic mouth ulcer treatment.
After months of suffering ulcers i have finally found a product that works! Thanks
I tried ORALMEDIC last night, it taste horrible, stings like mad but my ulcer doesn't hurt one bit this morning. 
I will definitely buy it and would definitely recommend it too.

I applied ORALMEDIC which stung a bit for a few seconds but it worked - the pain of the ulcer disappeared!

I'm over the moon with ORALMEDIC, its been 12 hours since I applied it & I feel no pain, its fantastic.

I can't believe it, I'm so happy that I have an ulcer which was painful this time yesterday & now its not painful.

 I had severe pain from ulcers, your product cleared them in a couple of days and the pain relief was imediate.
After suffering from mouth ulcers for many years I have at last found a remedy that really works!
I write to thank you for the sample of ORALMEDIC that you sent out to me.
Oralmedic removed all the pain I had from the Ulcer.
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