Zoe Keech, Dorset

I have suffered from severe mouth ulcers since I was about 4 years old.  When I was younger, I would get them approximately every couple of months, and they would appear mostly on my tongue.  Most times, my whole front/top of my tongue would be covered with anything up to 10 at a time.  The pain as a child was unbearable and due to being on my tongue, I couldn't eat, speak or sleep and where my teeth would rub, they would often scratch which made them even more painful. I used to loose an amazing amount of weight over a weekly period, which is approximately how often they would last.

As a child, my mum discussed the problem with doctors, dentists and even herbalists to try and help me, and I tried every single remedy to help even if it just eased the pain - as well as medicines, prescribed or OTC, I also tried herbal mixtures such as myrrh and up until being given Oralmedic, I was using Sage as a mouthwash (which would only help manage the pain).

The ulcers I get now are certainly not as bad or as frequent, but as soon as I might be overtired, stressed, have eaten badly for a number of days, I am pretty much guaranteed to get one and I never have any idea how bad any particular one might be - but always still on my tongue. 

I can honestly say that Oralmedic is just the most amazing product - it does sting a bit when you put it on, but you know it is going to actually do something and the ulcer pain will go immediately and the ulcer will go pretty much straight away.  Having suffered for over 30 years, this is absolutely the only product that I have used that has worked.  It really is a lifesaver.

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