Daniel Hughes MRPharmS

Received free sample, but had already purchased a pack as I had a large (3cm x 2mm) ulcer - caused by trauma - that was causing a bit too much pain to wait!

Used the product yesterday and was surprised it covered the whole area with it being such a large lesion. Very painful following application but only as painful as trying to eat/brush teeth with untreated ulcer. Since application I have had no acute pain from the ulcer. All that remains is a slight dull ache most likely caused by the underlying inflammation. I have eaten salty food and drunk alcohol, both of which I placed directly against the ulcer with no pain whatsoever. 24 hours on I have still had no pain since initial application.

I suffer with ulcers fairly frequently and find them to be one of the sharpest most acute pains I have experienced. To find a product that actually works to treat the worst symptom and needs no re-application is truly a breakthrough. I would not hesitate to recommend it!

Previously I would recommend Adcortyl in Orabase, although this does little for the ulcer pain and just heals the lesion a little faster. It is also not a pleasant product to use.

Thanks for the pain relief. I must admit I was more than a little cynical about it when I first saw the press. I will be interested to see the study results when published.

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