Chrissy Pratt

RELIEF!! Tracked down a supplier at 2300hrs as I could no longer talk without the pain & after so many days of this pain alongside not eating & very limited fluid intake it gets you down and now 0008hrs & I've got to say I LOVE ORALMEDIC!!!!

Initially the stinging seems quite intense & quite nauseating but then Paradise. When you tell people you have a mouth ulcer a lot of them, including me before I started suffering with them, think of the tiny white, but painful, ones usually inner lower lip, they definitely dont imagine the 10mm wide crater that myself & -from ur testimonial page- other users experience. This stuff does exactly what it says on the tin.

I ended up receiving emergency dental treatment on Friday night and the dentist said my ulcer was a gem, it was the biggest he'd seen in many years!!
Since removal of the broken tooth on friday, I've been in a lot of pain but NOT due to the ulcer which amazingly is now half the size. I can honestly say that if i hadn't had used ORALMEDIC  to seal the ulcer my levels of pain would have been massively increased.  (Imagine the dentist probing my ulcer with the pointed end of his instrument...... Now imagine the same without my ulcer being treated with ORALMEDIC)!
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