Gillian Smith

I discovered the product was available through Googling "treatment for mouth ulcers" in a moment of desperation after Boots had told me that there was nothing extra they could suggest when my daughter was in tears having already been using Bonjela, Adcortyl in orabase and Oraldene mouthwash for some days with no noticeable improvement in the condition of her mouth.
Both my daughter (aged 17) and I suffer from mouth ulcers. I suffer less now I am older and she seems to be suffering more of late.  At the time in question she had a particularly nasty and persistent ulcer causing her great pain, discomfort and a noticeably swollen bottom lip. 

Some years ago when holidaying in Florida she had developed a similarly unpleasant ulcer, her father had taken her to the chemist and she had been given a product similar to Oralmedic.  She had returned home full of enthusiasm for this as it worked instantly but we had been unable to find it over here.  Until now!!  I recognised what she had described using in USA as being ORALMEDIC from the description online.
Our mutual excitement knew no bounds.  I sent for the free sample and also emailed to find local stockist.  He told me he had had a rep in some weeks earlier and ordered but they had not arrived.  He kindly contacted supplier directly and I was able to pick ORALMEDIC up from him the next day.
My daughter applied it, knowing that she would feel sharp, stinging  pain for a short while but then blessed relief!!  This is what happened.  It is the ONLY thing she has ever found which really does the job.  Initial pain for long term gain.  We shall definitely keep a supply to hand.  Quite frankly I think it is nothing short of a Godsend.  
Cannot express my gratitude strongly enough.
Gill Smith and happy, ulcer- free -daughter, Harriet Smith. | Web Site Content Management