Margaret Remmer-Riley

I sent off for a sample of oralmedic a few weeks ago & received it yesterday.

It was great timing as I had 2 large mouth ulcers that had just joined up to make a very big ulcer on my bottom lip.  I suffer badly with mouth ulcers & regularly get several at once. I normally get mouth ulcers every 3-4 weeks.

I was hopeful that ORALMEDIC would be good but I had my doubts as many things claim to help with mouth ulcers.
Bonjela - useless invention for my mouth ulcers.  Adcortyl - works well but can only be used at night really & then makes my lips stick to my teeth.

I tried ORALMEDIC last night, yes it did sting a bit as I was putting it over my ulcer.  However I am totally amazed with it.  I'm so excited that its actually stopped the pain.  The pain I get with my mouth ulcers is horrible, it hurts to talk, drink, eat etc.  I'm over the moon with ORALMEDIC, its been 12 hours since I applied it & I feel no pain, its fantastic. I can't believe it I'm so happy that I have an ulcer which was painful this time yesterday & now its not painful.

I've already been telling people about it as I believe this is a great product for people who like myself suffer with mouth ulcers.

Thank you so much for the free sample, I will definately be purchasing it as it helps so much with the pain.... I feel no pain, how great is that. | Web Site Content Management